Welcome to GKE, Inc

GKE is a recently established company dedicated to investing time, money, and intellectual property into remediating existing and developing new Data Centers.

  • Does your Data Center Provider provide the uptime you require?
  • Do your C-Level executives think you should get out of the data center business?
  • Are you afraid of trying cloud computing?
  • Are you getting an ROI on your data center capital investment?
  • Does your organization know the VALUE of your DATA?
  • Does your hardware vendor have the virtualization approach that is correct for your environment or their sales quota?
  • How do you retire legacy systems and when?
  • Can you abandon legacy data or does it need to be re-integrated into modern systems?
  • Are outages a constant worry?

Contact us to schedule a phone consultation to see if your business can benefit from our services. Let’s put the proper solutions into action and together we’ll turn your goals into reality

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